Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out with the Old, In With the New!

This Friday, January 21st, is Gallery Night from
5-8pm in downtown Ithaca. Silk Oak will be
showing some "New" work, as well as great
sales on "Old" work.

The West End Neighborhood has a lot happening this
Gallery Night. In honor of Light in Winter,
Mimi's Attic is offering 10% off on Illumination (lamps,
light fixtures and candle holders) and double Trader Points
on all purchases. The Kitchen Theatre has artwork by
Barbara Mink and a preview showing of Bed and Sofa.
Last, but not least, Friday Night live music at Felicia's.
The West End is the place to be!

We are also thrilled to welcome 3 New artists
to Ithacamade!

Claire Green's unique line of jewelry,
See Green, incorporates leather and textured
metals in a refreshingly new style.

Julia Dean's line of functional pottery is simple,
elegant in design and quite affordable

Leather artist Aaron Arlinghaus rounds out the trio
of new artists with his distinctive work, Haus Leather.

Don't miss New work from your other Ithacamade
Tree, Rootworks, Buttonwood, Paloma Rose, Frosty
Morning, Balance Aromatherapy and the complete line


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